Our institutions can change.

We need to be honest about our fears, and our hopes for a better world. We need to be heard.

We find ourselves wanting change – and we have the same goals as 60 years ago. The different issues raised for the last few months, have been with us for decades. We need to listen now, more than ever before.


We want to offer a celebration of love: we believe changes start with patience and listening. We must learn to understand and accept our diverse points of view. We are all different, and yet we all want to share. Without this affirmation, there can be no love for our communities. Celebrate our differences so we can move forward and collaborate. Love yourself and love each other.


The main aspect of Summer in Love is to create an international and multidisciplinary chain of messages and love. We have invited artists to join and share their visions of love through poems, drawings, pictures and more.